Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trip to Washington D.C.

The trip to Washington D.C. was out of this world. The post card Pametto Health Foundation gave me from Gabe was the talk of the trip. People were just continuing to come to me to get more cards to share. The postcards were the best thing we could have sent. That card made SC proud, it did SC good. Everyone there wanted one! The children enjoyed themselves and Gabe was awesome. Gabe was everywhere and he did us proud! Gabe was just playing his part, he was like ok let me go, I'm the Champion. When we went to the White House to meet the President Gabe didn't kick Obama he just hit him on the leg and told him it was his time to talk! Everybody loved Gabe and Gabe's gift to them (the post card). I was sick the whole time in Washington, but I did what had to done and did it well. The trip was… I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT. It was like a dream! It was so awesome! I could never have given my children what they received in Washington.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Feelings about Gabe's Article in the State

I was very excited when I got to work the other day and they told me I had it going on. I wasn't sure what they were talking about. They asked me if I had read the paper and I said no. The boss then walked in and he had print of the paper with Gabe's story. Let me tell you something, they had a good write up in the paper. We went looking for all the newspapers that we could find. We were very excited about our family being in the paper. Also at Ivan's closing ceremony they announced that Gabe was the 2010 South Carolina Champion. It was very touching. This morning we went to Walmart in West Columbia, SC and Mims introduced us to them. It is a blessing to have a child that is a champion. A mother and father could not ask for more. My family is blessed! We are very excited about everything that Walmart and Sams Club has done for us and the rest of the children.


Here's Gabe's Story in the State:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gabe, South Carolina Champion, and his twin sister at 2 years old.

Gabriella, twin sister of Gabe, South Carolina Champion at 2 years old.

Gabe, South Carolina Champion at 2 year old.
Gabriella, twin sister of Gabe, South Carolina Champion at 1 year old.
Gabe, South Carolina Champion at 1 year old.
Gabe, South Carolina Champion and his twin sister at 1 year old.
Gabe, South Carolina Champion and his twin sister Grabiella.

Gabe Ward, South Carolina Champion at seven months old.
This is the late Gabriella, twin sister of Gabe, South Carolina Champion.

The Champions Launch at Walmart

The 2010 Walmart Launch was a total success and we were so excited. When we drove up, all we could see was Gabe's face. The Walmart at Bush River Road outdid themselves. Gabe was excited when he saw his picture all over the cupcake cake and when the USC dancers danced. At first we thought Gabe was going to shy away, but Gabe thought he had it going on and HE DID. Gabe was so excited that when Mims asked him who he was, Gabe replied, "I am the president." We all laughed at that.

I was more excited as we entered Walmart because there was Gabe's pictures all over the place. Over the registers and in every department. A customer in the store told Gabe she was going to donate $25. Gabe was hyped about that. He jumped down and said to the woman, "Let me give you a hug.” Cameras were flashing from every angle and Gabe loves the camera. He is not camera shy at all. We all had a blast and would like to thank Walmart and Sam’s Club, Palmetto Health Foundation and especially Mims for a job well done.

We are so excited for the trip to Washington. Gabe asks every day, "When are we going to Washington?” The reply is still the same, soon.